Education and conferences

I have given numerous master classes on topics such as religion and informality on the periphery of Mexico City for universities such as the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Universidad Autonoma de México and UC Berkeley. I have also given conferences for ONGs such as CTS Embarq on pedestrian infrastructure on the edge of the city and for consultancies such as Softec on informal construction in the periphery of Mexico City. These conferences are tailored to the interests of the audience and can be focused on any particular urban phenomena documented by this project.



My work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and websites both specialized such as Arquine, TYPO and Obras as general such as the Guardian, Fortune International, Forbes Mexico and CNN Expansion. I won the 2010 Walter Reuter Award for best article in the Mexican media on climate change. I have written on religious building, urban growth, informality and design on the edge of the city and am interested in all urban themes.


Research and Investigation

I have worked for an international accountancy company to research investment opportunities in the Greater Mexico City Area as well as doing ethnographic urban research regarding tourism in five cities in Mexico for a Mexican consultancy. I have done reports on climate change for UC Davis and scenarios for a Mexican energy company. I have also written in publications by the Universidad Autonoma de México and UAM.


Urban intervention and promotion

I have twice been coordinator and one of the founders of the Operativo Reloj Chino, a neighborhood festival with more than 50 musicians and four venues with the formation of a community of experimental improvised musicians as objective. I have co-organized concerts and expositions. I collaborated on the Ietswaart Project of the Circulo de Tipografos which resulted in the creation of 7 fonts based on the work of a Dutch designer Boudewijn Ietswaart which were mentioned by Fontshop among its fonts of the year. I created an interactive installation for the Universidad del Pais Vasco in Spain about the edge of the city and am currently collaborating on another urban art installation, now in the street, called Ciudad Baila. I am also active as a performing musician with the bands La Redada and the Din Trio.