To be uploaded in September “Limits: On foot along the edge of the megalopolis of the Valley of Mexico”, a photographic chronicle with essays regarding the 51-day and over 700 kilometer walk undertaken by Feike de Jong around the edge of Mexico City in 2009.

“Limits: On Foot Along the Edge of the Megalopolis in Valley of Mexico”

Is an ebook in application format with created with funds from the Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y Las Artes. It contains two sections, the first comprises 35 geographically specific chronicles from distinct pacomrts of the walk around the city. The second contains 60 brief essays regarding different urban phenomena organized in twelve categories, iconography, history, religion, construction styles, music, nature, entrances and exits from the city or pores, obstacles, dynamics of power, communities, entertainment, economy. The chapters of both these sections are geographically linked to specific parts of the edge of the city. It is organized as a slide show of more than 200 photographs taken by Feike de Jong in different parts of the periphery.